Marriage licence in washington dc

If you haven't already given it thought, now's a good time to consider whether you, your fiance or both of you will change any part of your names after your marriage. Name changes can be a big deal, so consider this as part of your wedding planning process. For that name change to mean anything, though, you're going to have to make sure your marriage is legal.

That means you've got to get a DC marriage license. The District's rules for obtaining a marriage license are actually pretty straightforward.

Marriage License Laws in Washington, D.C.

While many states require both members of the couple to be present to apply for the license, only one of you has to show up to apply for a DC marriage license. In fact, the two of you can actually appoint someone else to go do it for you! Whoever ends up doing it, whether it both of you, one of you, or a third party, here's what's required:. You'll apply at the Washington, DC marriage bureau.

The DC marriage license application requires that you give the following information:. If you get everything squared away correctly, you'll receive your license the same day. Your DC marriage license never expires, so you can apply well in advance of your actual wedding. As you'll notice, you need to know who your DC wedding officiant is going to be before you apply for a DC marriage license. Your DC wedding officiant can be pretty much anyone so long as that person is 18 and follows the proper steps. All DC wedding officiants must apply for authorization to perform weddings in the District.

Only some need to pay fees on top of that. The people falling under these categories don't need to pay any special fees in addition to applying for authorization:. In case you were wondering, some religious traditions don't use a wedding officiant and instead allow the couple to perform their own ceremony.

The DC Marriage Knot - Getting Married in DC, MD, NoVA

This explains why the couple are allowed to marry themselves in DC. If you live in DC, you will use your completed marriage license to apply for a legal name change. You'll file an application with the DC superior court and present both your marriage license and original birth certificate as part of the process. After your application is accepted, you can go to the Social Security Administration Office to complete the process. The entire process can take a couple of months. After that, it's your job to change your name everywhere - with the DMV, payroll at work, your bank account, credit card company, passport, the works.

If that seems like a lot of effort after you spent all that time planning and enjoying your DC wedding, let us help.

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Use the name change service HitchSwitch to get someone else to do all the admin for you. Now that you know more about the financial and legal logistics of getting married in DC, it's time to consider what time of year is best for you and your fiance to tie the knot. The season-of-choice breakdown for DC couples in was nearly identical to the overall national average, according to our survey.

Fall is the most popular time of year for DC weddings; 39 percent of couples in DC married during this season, which is the same as the national average percentage.

DC mayor signs 'LOVE Act' allowing marriage licenses during shutdown

Summer is the next most popular season for getting married in DC, with 30 percent of marriages in the District occurring during this sunny season. Spring was in third place with 26 percent, and winter was last at just 5 percent. DC's somewhat unpredictable winter weather may be the reason why such a small proportion of couples in the area choose to get married during this season, when temperatures typically hover somewhere in the 30s.

Snow is a frequent occurrence, with the possibility of disruptive winter storms being not entirely out of the question. The District's seasons are, on the whole, much more predictable and less harsh, which may be why they're so much more popular for getting married in DC.

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Spring is generally a little bit chillier than fall; the average temperatures for these seasons is Both carry natural appeal for the DC area too, with the spring display of flowers and bright leaves of fall. Summer is the standout season as far as warm temperatures are concerned; the seasonal temperature average is about 78 degrees, though much hotter temperatures are possible.

Summer also brings high humidity to DC, another thing to consider when wedding planning. As the political center of the federal government, Washington, DC can get pretty hectic at times. There's usually something going on, but some events and holidays are particularly notorious for drawing crowds, raising prices and generally making it difficult to get around town. There are some national holiday dates that are generally not great if you want to avoid scheduling conflicts and peak travel. We cover these dates in our guide to dates to avoid. But there are some local dates to consider for getting married in DC.

If you want your DC wedding to go as smoothly as possible, consider scheduling around these annual events, which can draw crowds varying from protesters to partygoers:.

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  • Chances are that at least some of your guests will be traveling a long distance to attend your DC wedding. Even if your guests are local, though, you'll want to make sure they have a good time. Of course, you can't be responsible for everyone else's happiness on one of the most important days of your life, so planning ahead is a good idea. You can build your own wedding website using our free site builder and fill it full of useful information for your guests.

    From suggestions for Washington, DC hotels to venue directions and even a schedule of events for each day of your wedding celebration, the more information you include on your site, the fewer questions you'll have to answer.

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    You can also use our guest list tool to help keep of who's coming and to make sure you send out those all-important thank-you cards after the wedding. It's a particularly good idea to include travel info on your wedding website. Even if you don't end up building a site, getting good transportation information you can distribute to your guests will help make everyone's lives easier. Luckily, travelling around DC is pretty easy. This is a city that sees tons of visitors each year, and it has a solid transportation infrastructure system. The city's underground mass transit system, the Metro, runs within the city and to its suburbs.

    It also connects visitors who fly into National airport with the city proper.

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    DC is also well connected to the northeastern United States' rail network through Amtrak and commuter rail services. Dulles International and Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall airports handle international flights for the DMV area, meaning your guests from all far-flung corners of the world should be able to attend your DC wedding, perhaps even on a direct flight.

    Friends and family have come to watch you start this next chapter in your life and celebrate the night away.

    DC Marriage License by Proxy | The DC Marriage Knot

    Even though D. In addition to that, each location has different laws as to who can actually marry you. Additionally, the name of your officiant must be known at the time of application. Your license can be issued the same day you apply assuming all information is accurate and the fee is paid at the time of application. Room Washington, D. However, you must wait 48 hours after receiving your license before you can get married and the license will expire six months after you receive it.

    Once you receive your license, any of the following people can marry you:. They may ask to see a number of things, and be aware that these requirements vary from county to county. The ceremony may be performed anywhere within the state.